DTE still prefers Analog Meter at its own Headquarters - One Energy Plaza, Detroit MI as of June 2015!

DO NOT INSTALL  AMI meters Here - tags and placards!


October 5, 2015

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Detroit Edison

File a Complaint  with Detroit Edison
DTE Detroit Energy
 ONE Energy Plaza
Detroit MI 48226-1221

Complaints 1(800) 477-4747
E-Mail Bob Sitkauskas
 DTE Energy manager
AMI Major Interprize Projects

E-File  Your Complaint ;
Michigan Public Service Commission at

MPSC Executive Secretary
Reference; MPSC Case U-17053

​Call: Phone (517) 284-8100

or  Send written letters to:

Executive Secretary
 Reference the case
MPSC Case U-17053

Michigan Public Service Commission
P.O. Box 30221, Lansing, Michigan 48909.

Where are the LEGISLATORS

Supporting Our FREEDON!

Contact Immediately!

​File Your Objections - Demand Action!

The installation of Smart Meters is a policy, not law, of our Federal Government. Installation being mandated by Utilities while using FREE Gov't money from our National Debt and re-imbursed for cost by increased rates for service approved by Public Utility Commissions. TheTrue cost is not only the Financial burden of Smart Meters but the potential loss of Health, Privacy, Constitutional Rights, both 1st and 4th Amendments, our Safety and Liability of Future Harm. 
This is Documented in Webpages (Drop Down) Cost, Health Issues, Privacy, 4th Amendment and Safety plus sites MPSC U-17053 (testimony  and evidence) and OVEREXPOSED (RF radiation - How much is too much).

What type of Meter do You Have?






Nation Rally against Smart Meters

​October 4, 2015

Stopping the invasion

The Shield - Self defense, home style!

The Home-owner said this devise cut radiation from 350 micro Watts per Sq. cm to zero on the other side of the wall.
1. The shield
2. The grounding wire
3. Non-conductive paint on the interior wall.

When All Else Fails - Do It Yourself!

Smart Meters - The issues.

Voice Your Concerns about Smart Meters!

You must say NO to their implied consent / contract!

Smart Meters  -     Stop the Invasion!

Smart meters

The Corporate Mandate

Make an Educated Informed Decision