Seeking Remedy at Shelby Twp. Michigan 

Bearing Witness - February 17,2016

The threat of DTE to terminate our electrical service must be documented!

The Request for a Formal Opinion on MCL 750.539d documentation is to SEEK REMEDY from Shelby Twp. Michigan if they continue to allow DTE to threaten to terminate my power at the pole when we are continually trying to obey the laws and regulations and seek DUE PROCESS from the MPSC, DTE and Michigan's Attorney General, a resolution to this serious potentially life threatening issue.

This request documents a legitiment  arguement to say No to AMI meters!


The Issue before Shelby Township and Supervisor Richard Stathakis I believe is the same as in Flint Michigan; where the city council and mayor simply made a willful and direct decision to cut the city loose from a safe drinking water environment without adequate safeguards to protect the people of Flint whom are now suffering from the unnecessary exposure to lead in the water system and its cumulative effect of lead poisoning which will go on to effect the residents and especially the children for decades and maybe generations.

How does this relate to Shelby Township?

Shelby Township since 2012 has been informed by us W4AR and many others of the possible cumulative effect of Radio Frequency Radiation, RFR, which may include from headaches and at worse cancer as diagnosed by the World Health Organization, WHO, regarding cell phones a possible Class 2b carcinogen and thus AMI meters which utilities have said are similar to cell phones in RFR exposure.

As residents of Shelby Twp. We are Seeking Remedy from all parties involved in the AMI mandate but particularly with Shelby Twp. as they have a direct responsibility as elected officials with negotiating, regulating and as a law enforcing agent of the people to protect us from known and especially documented harm.The following notice was presented to Richard Stathakis, Shelby Twp. Supervisor yesterday February 16, 2016.