3.This representative than suggested the locks on my meters were unsafe,a safety hazard.I told him that i would remove the locks if he promised not to install AMI meters.James Swinkowski, Shelby Twp. Fire Chief, informed us when we inquired about the safety of locks on electric meters,that they are irrelevant with all fire fighters having a APT, All Purpose Tool,which are simply bolt cutters, which they will cut off locks and even AMI meter's locks if necessary. I informed the representative that if there is any issue with the safety of my service, i as a electrician whom originally installed this service and spliced DTE power lines onto it would be able to address those issues.

4. The security guard said something about installing the AMI meters but the original representative decided to go to his vehicle and return with a DTE Opt-Out placard which i thanked him for. After the security guard stated something about entering our yard the representative stated that he would tell all DTE representatives in the area to knock on the door before attempting entry to our property. (There is a "POSTED, NO TRESPASSING, KEEP OUT"sign on our gate) I then thanked him and allowed him to demonstrate to me the rebooting of a AMI meter.

NOTICE - DTE is terminating service at the pole for violation of Rule 460.137 previously discussed and Rule 460.136 a catch all of health and safety rule.

R 460.136 Emergency shutoff.
Rule 36. Notwithstanding any other provision of these rules, a utility
may shut off service temporarily for reasons of health or safety or in a state or national emergency. When a utility shuts off service for reasons of health or safety, the utility shall leave a notice at the premises in accordance with the provisions of R 460.139(a), (b), and (i).
History: 2007 AACS.


(h) That the utility will not shut off service pending the resolution of a complaint that is filed with the utility or the commission in accordance with these rules.

DTE Energy - Bearing Witness

February 12, 2016

Misrepresentation that Laws, Rules or Guidelines will Protect You!



2.On November 20, 2015 DTE Energy swarmed my neighborhood with 6 to 8 vehicles. Four employees,  came to install AMI meters on my residence. One of whom was a security guard whom i was told was armed. One representative asked to install AMI meters where i replied he was more than welcome to read my meters, inspect, service and repair my meters and replace my meters with another analog meter but if he was going to install a AMI I would have to say No as they are a Data Collection Device and under MCL 750.539d  it is unlawful to install a data collection device on my home without my permission and i am saying No.

Preying on the Poor and the Uneducated

​The DTE Smart Currents program specifically addresses the collection of Data with the intent to change consumers' energy consumption behavior. I believe It is only the highly educated and internet savvy consumers whom will be able to understand and adapt to the data mining which is portrayed in the Smart Currents program to save them pennies per kilowatt Hour for this unauthorized invasion of their home.

The Poor should have the right to simply say NO to Cost, Health, Invasion of their Home and Safety issues of AMI meters!




DTE Energy has now given us a 30 day notice of non-compliance  Rule 460.137 that has in the past with other consumers ended-up with their life supporting electrical service being terminated at the pole. It is this threat of DTE using the Michigan Consumer Billing Practice Guideline Rules against us without the MPSC and DTE acknowledging our inquires, complaints and what we perceive as violations of Law and due process by the Rules of the Michigan Consumer Billing Practice Guideline Rules; The same rules which the MPSC and DTE are also required to adhere to!

1. We have never denied DTE Energy access to their electrical meters under Rule 460,137 which states:

R 460.137 Shutoff permitted.
Rule 37. Subject to the requirements of these rules, a utility may shut off or terminate service to a
residential customer for any of the following reasons:
(e) The customer has refused to arrange access at reasonable times for the purpose of
inspection, meter
reading, maintenance, or replacement of equipment
that is installed upon the premises, or for the
removal of a meter.