Fires and Explosions

Property - Personal Injury - Liability

It is documented that the meter on your home is the sole property of the Utility Corporation. They use this"right to access their Property" like an act of law to force property owners to accept the new Smart Meters.

Your old analog meter on your home, along with the connecting aluminum or copper feeds from Your Drip Loop and connection, to your service panel, all of which is YOUR PROPERTY, have been dependable and service free with No sparking, arcing or fires.

There is now across the country, numerous fires from the new Smart Meters and / or their instillation.

Whether this is caused by the Smart Meters themselves or by the quality of the installation, possibly damaging the old wiring or terminal connections to your meter box is disputable.

The Fires are real as well as the costly damages consumers or Their insurance company will have to pay. 

The following documentation and video is to provide for consumers to make an educated informed decision before there are personal injuries no-one can afford.

SMART METER FIRES- Just How Safe are You!