The Documentation achieved from MPSC Case U-17053 sets the course for consumer Rights and Protections in Michigan.   There is No law forcing consumers to take an AMI Smart Meter.   The MPSC states Smart Meters are a Corporate mandate of Detroit Edison Energy.   The MPSC has No jurisdiction over the management and practices of utilities such as DTE.   The true cost of the AMI program has not been determined. A 37 million dollar rate increase is yet to be approved.

Money - Control - Power 

Although the MPSC has decided  consumers should be able to OPT-OUT of Smart Meters,   DTE SAYs - It will COST YOU !!!

The State of Michigan's Smart Meter Opt-Out is brought to you by the Constitution. Not the DTE Corporation.

It is only with Our Freedom of Speech, the voices of W4AR, John and Pauline Holeton, leading the way with the good people of each community coming together, voicing their concerns twice monthly in cities, townships, county commission meetings month after month, seeking the Truth about Smart Meters. It is only by the gathering of support by those representing "We The People" locally with Resolutions and Moratoriums, while confronting DTE, that an investigation of Smart Meters was done (MPSC Case U-17000) and finally the DTE Opt-Out proposal MPSC Case U-17053. 

We failed to have a voice in MPSC Case U-17000 as there was NO legal adviser willing to assist or Michigan, Senator or Representative, to give us, ordinary folks, advise on how to be apart of it and to have our voices heard - to Intervene and have a voice at the table.

W4AR successfully intervened in MPSC Case U-17053 over the only objection to Interveners by DTE.

 I believe DTE's objection to W4AR's participation was our ability to gather cities, townships and counties representing hundreds of thousands of people by Resolutions and Moratoriums whom might object to Smart Meters and want to Opt-Out.

This could COST DTE the Opt-Out program and make it a voluntary Opt-In program as the Federal Government dictated in 2005.

 I believe the warning letters DTE sent out to over (300) communities where to suppress our Freedom of Speech and keep the number of people wanting to Opt-Out of Smart Meters extremely limited to protect their AMI investment.

The Cost of the Opt-Out is directly related to the number of people requesting to Opt-Out.

It is documented here in this Case U-17053 that neither DTE or the MPSC surveyed residents if they wanted a Smart Meter. All those whom have a Smart Meter are implied as a yes vote (not an Opt-Out vote).

 Michigan's Smart Meter Opt-Out 

The Battle against  "We The People"      MPSC Case U-17053