The Cumulative Effect - Poisoning the People.

The Flint water crisis, the poisoning of the people of Flint by leaching lead in the cities water system and possible exposure to legionnaires disease, has brought to the forefront the failure of our our government to protect Michigan's citizens and especially Michigan's future, the children of Michigan.

The people of Flint were not given an advanced warning they would be put in harms way or the opportunity to make an educated informed decision - to Opt-Out of a potentially unsafe situation! They found out from personal hardship that they were being poisoned by seeing, smelling and tasting the poison and now some have physical reactions! They may never fully recover from this unauthorized and unnecessary exposure!

It is not only the cumulative effect of lead poisoning but cumulative effect of inept, negligent and maybe even criminal actions  of officials in Detroit, Flint and Lansing, deliberately failing to follow rules, guidelines, directives and common sense when actual lives of real people are at stake.


John and Pauline Holeton Bearing Witness

The Cumulative Effect of RFR - Radio Frequency Radiation


The issue W4AR presents is how much Radio Frequency Radiation are you willing to be exposed to if a corporation told you there may be a chance you and our children may have side effects, illnesses or maybe even  cancer from the cumulative Effect of exposure to RFR!

It is this educated informed choice that W4AR is fighting the MPSC and DTE Energy on your behalf ; to say NO to the AMI meter data collection devices made mandatory by DTE with non disclosure of their cumulative effect of total radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the other data collection devices whom will transmit and receive data within your home to the AMI meters. How much RFR is too much!

According to the State of Michigan, it is unlawful to put a data collection, where you expect privacy without your permission - MCL 750.539d.

This website has a tremendous amount of information on the AMI meters known as Smart Meters but this page will only consist of the direct pertinent information from February 10, 2016 relating to the threat of DTE to falsely terminate our life supporting electric power.

Holding Them Accountable!