The Bankruptcy of America,

The Corporate United States

 and  the New World Order

The Globalist Plan to Dismantle our Country!

The CRASH is Coming

Part (1)

The CRASH is Coming!

Part (2)

The Federal Debt

The History of Money

Massachusetts Lawsuit against Foreclosures

You are the Enemy

The Anatomy of the FED

If They will NOT Represent US!
If They will NOT Protect US!
They should Resign
​We The People must VOTE THEM ALL OUT !!
Our Future, Your Future - is being bought and sold as an asset to the Corporation of the United States.  The American Dollar's only value is YOU, not gold or silver, wheat, corn or oil.   It is YOUR productivity, Your property and YOUR CHILDREN"S Future that is being bought and sold around the world to bail out our government and our representatives whom refuse to be accountable for thier actions.     
 Vote Them ALL OUT!

End The Federal Reserve