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The Question: Will Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette enforce Michigan Compiled Law MCL 750.539d to protect citizens of Michigan from a data collection device whose cumulative effect of Radio Frequency Radiation maybe potentially harmful or will he deny them the legal choice?


Will Mister Schuette and / or our representatives stop the MPSC and DTE from ignoring consumers due process of complaints and inquiries under the rules, regulations and laws of Michigan.

Poisoning the People of Flint Michigan with the cumulative effect of lead tainted water is unacceptable! The Cumulative Effect of Radio Frequency Radiation's threat to harm and possibly kill by cancer such as cellphones acknowledged by the World Health Organization a possible Class 2B carcenogin, is also unacceptable!

Consumers must be protected by the laws of Michigan and not denied a educated informed decision, before their lives are threaten or killed as Jimmy Gonzalez pleaded before he succumbed to cancer from Cell Phone Radiation in 2014.

Are the MPSC and DTE ready to kill people for corporate profit by denying reasonable and prudent people a choice to decide how much Radio Frequency Radiation is too much?


Bearing Witness is solely dedicated to holding accountable Detroit Edison, The Michigan Public Service Commission and all the elected officials whom have authority to protect Michigan Citizens and choose not to do so from the cumulative effect of Radio Frequency Radiation from data collection devices.


Bearing Witnesses


DTE is threatening the termination of our life supporting electricity dated February 5, 2016, not for non-payment or failure to report our usage as we self report under Michigan Consumer and Billing Practice Rules of the MPSC but because we believe all of Michigan citizens should have the choice to keep a private corporation such as DTE out of our home and safe from DTE's data collection device. MCL 750.539d is our legal right to say NO. Just as the 4th Amendment is our legal right to say no to the Government invasion of our privacy. We are saying no to DTE's AMI meter installation.

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( Click on the LINKS below and follow the FACTS )

Bearing Witness

Keeping Michigan's People Free! - February 12, 2016