Does the United States shred its Constitution to follow the dictates of Global Government such as the United Nations or does it keep fighting for its right to Freedom and Sovereignty.

Right now there are no UN storm troopers marching down our streets but there are collections of Non-government Organizations being subsidized by Federal and Global money steering our local governments into sustainable initiatives.

These initiatives include the managing of food, water,land,natural resources globally and on the local city level.

Many programs are directly related to steering communities in managing their growth and development.Some of these are claimed as authoritative agencies for referencing the development of cities lot sizes, downsizing them to allow for more compact development and returning farmland back to nature. This type of program is like the "Wet Lands Project" named in the UN Agenda 21 protocols.

Many of these initiatives are well worth pursuing but under what and whose lawful decision and when does the voters and property owners have a say in their community's way of life and culture.

We should educate ourselves on the local level of whom is making the decisions for our cities,townships and villages and whether they are inclusive of all peoples interest - not just the special NGO interest. 

The United Nation's - Agenda 21

America's battle for Sovereignty against a one world government

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